About Go-Offroad

Joint Corridors Off-Road is a program of the Top Sector Logistics. The basic principle of Joint Corridors Off-Road is that economic and social growth of road transport is only possible if transportation parallelly increases via different modalities (“Off-Road”). This creates space on the road to allow the growth of high-quality road transport and to improve traffic flow and accessibility. With Joint Corridors Off-Road, The Topsector Logistics wants to actively involve shippers and logistics service providers in initiatives for synchromodal transport and to encourage new forms of collaboration. Joint Corridors Off-Road supports regional collaboration between shippers and carriers to develop joint corridors in regions. Among these neutral parties are provinces, development companies and educational institutes.National collaboration with the regional action programs moves synchromodal transport closer to shippers and carriers, urging a shared language around the development of joint corridors at a national level. Collaboration between the regions is also stimulated.Our partners in the Netherlands are: Logistics Community Brabant, Zeeland Connect, NewWays Gelderland, LIOF, NewWays Drenthe, NewWays Zuid-Holland, Noord West Connect and Off-Road Overijssel.