Terms & Conditions


The aim of the Off-Road Program is to initiate a dialogue between shipping agents and hauliers in order to identify logistic corridors and explore the opportunities for synchromodal transport solutions within these corridors.To set up a synchromodal transport partnership, use will be made of the Go-Off-Road app for corridors and legal documents. This Disclaimer applies to the use of the Go-Off-Road app and the legal documents.

Freedom/Liberty of Parties

Participation in the Off-Road Program is always voluntary, and each party is free to refuse to participate in the dialogue or to discontinue discussions at any time. Any recommendations or advice arising from activities with the parties are nothing more than recommendations or advice. Each party to the dialogue always has the freedom to determine his/her own policy or make alternative decisions. Any agreements made during the consultation are not binding unless they are set out in a written agreement between the participating parties.

Responsibility of the Parties.

Participation in the Off-Road Program is not intended to facilitate or encourage anti-competitive behaviour or effects. In this context, the parties are precluded from making agreements or exchanging information directly on the following subjects:o (Purchase) prices, components of cost prices and sales prices.o Discounts, conditions of purchase or sale.o Margins, costs, intended price policies or the timing of price changes.o Promotions.o Delivery conditions.o Sensitive details about customer relationships.