Our Legal Office ensures legal security in joint corridor development to every single shipper and carrier.

The Off-Road Program consists of three phases:

  • The “Discover Corridor” phase.
  • The “Prototype Corridor” phase.
  • The “Run Corridor” phase.

Different kinds of freedoms and responsibilities apply to each of these phases. In the “Discover Corridor” phase, the starting point is freedom and the independence of the participating shippers. The parties must be able to brainstorm freely in order to discuss the possibilities of a synchromodal corridor, and select a promising corridor, without committing themselves to effective cooperation. The conditions for this phase are laid down in this Disclaimer and in the “Rules of the Game” associated with the program.
In the “Prototype Corridor” phase, transporters will be invited to the consultation. The parties wishing to enter this phase shall express, prior to the start, their intention to work together on the selected corridor. This intention will be laid down in a “Letter of Intent”.

In the (optional) third stage, the “Run Corridor” phase, there will be effective cooperation between shippers and carriers. The parties wishing to enter this phase shall conclude a “Corridor Agreement”. This agreement will constitute a framework that will enable the actual implementation of the synchromodal corridor.