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Joint Corridors Off-Road is a national action-program of the Dutch Topsector Logistiek. The aim of the program is to stimulate the joint development of multimodal transport corridors beside the road: Joint Corridors Off-Road. Collaboration between shippers and carriers, in every region of the Netherlands.

collective impact

Companies work together in their own region to start-up, scale-up, continuously improve and make Joint Corridors robust with a common origin and destination of freight transport: from and to the seaports andthe hinterland (Europe and Asia). Four shared values guide thecooperation between companies: 1. Availability, 2. Scalability, 3. Sustainability and, 4. Mobility. This makes Joint Corridors extraordinary reliable and 400% competitive compared to traditional individual road transport.

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how we work

  • Collaborate Effectively

    We facilitate Joint Corridor development nearby companies in their own region. Therefor we work together with regional implementation programs, expert organizations and educationalinstitutions. The best students are deployed as Off-RoadRunners for action research at companies.

  • Build a Network

    We act together with companies to build a superior multimodal transportation network thatsurpasses classic individual road transportation. We focus on starting-up, scaling-up, continuousimprovement and making Joint Corridors robust and interconnected.

  • Accelerate Turnover

    We easily introduce companies to Joint Corridors and offer security when boarding. By targetingsmall and medium-sized companies, in addition to large companies, we are working on a change-over in (international) transport from and to the seaports and the hinterland. We are alsoresearching new promising types of freight flows.

  • Explore Breakthroughs

    We stimulate the digitization of work-processes within Joint Corridors for efficient freightbooking, processing and monitoring. To encourage new Joint Corridor developments, we refercompanies to available Modal-Shift Regulations.

Joint Corridors

The number of successful Joint Corridors in practice continues to growand new participants can board easily, safely and securely at more andmore places. Several modes of transport are used around each Joint Corridor. These are inland shipping, rail transport, shortsea shippingand, if necessary, still road transport.

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in-region development

  • Zeeland Connect

    Remco de Rijke

    Zeeland Connect
  • NewWays Zuid Holland

    Babiche van de Loo

    NewWays Zuid-Holland
  • Logistics Community Brabant

    Frans van den Boom

    Logistics Community Brabant
  • LIOF

    Ivo Schepers

  • NewWays Gelderland

    Hendrik-Jan van Engelen

    NewWays Gelderland
  • NewWays Drenthe

    Esther van der Maten

    NewWays Drenthe
  • Off-Road Overijssel

    Miranda Volker

    Off-Road Overijssel
  • Noord West Connect

    Sjoerd Sjoerdsma

    Noord West Connect


Regional program executives:

Supported by our national program executives:

  • Jeroen Bolt

    Program manager
  • Frans van de Boomen

    Program activator
  • Annemieke de Leeuw

    Program Campaign & Community & Coördinator Off-RoadRunners
  • Babiche van de Loo

    Program Campaign & Community

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