Connecting the Netherlands, Germany and Poland by rail, a real life example

May - 23

Successful Modal Shift with Joint Corridors Off-Road
Hundreds of shippers and logistic service providers participating in the Joint Corridors Off-Road program work together in a comprehensive ecosystem to increase their modal shift. By focusing on mobility, sustainability, scalability and availability, participants in the program realize groundbreaking results on corridors spanning Europe and beyond.Join us in this session, where Roland Verbraak from BTT Multimodal Group and one of the participating shippers will share their success story with you. What was their journey to go Off-Road? What have they learned, and how can you benefit from this program?


  • Frans van den Boomen, Joint Corridors Off-Road
  • Roland Verbraak BTT Multimodal Group
  • Shipper to be confirmed

What will we cover?
In this session from 11.00 – 11.45 o’clock, you will learn what the Joint Corridors Off-Road program is, how companies are involved and how you can join the successful ecosystem to grow more robust transport corridors, increase product availability and contribute significantly to achieving your sustainability targets. Roland Verbraak will explain how this corridor from Rzepin (Poland) to Tilburg (Netherlands) is connecting the Berlin area and Polish Hinterland to the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam 5 times per week with high reliability.

About the organizers
The Netherlands is one of the forerunners in sustainability. The Dutch government has endeavored to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent below 1990 levels by 2030, and are working towards carbon neutrality by 2050, along with the rest of the EU. This session is enabled by Holland International Distribution Council, a private non-profit organization providing free matchmaking services for logistics partnerships in Europe. The Joint Corridors Off-Road (JCOR) program is an initiative of the Dutch Topsector Logistics and consists of an ecosystem with all relevant stakeholders in the Netherlands, such as government, students, legal support and most of all shippers, carriers and terminals. It is a hands-on program for and with companies.